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Our Philosophy

At Addiva Software we wholeheartedly believe that we grow with our customers. That Your journey is the most important thing and that we can support and accelerate it with the latest cutting-edge technology and our innovative mindset. This is the right place for AI/ML, Complex system development and unique software.

Our Mission Statement

AddTrack Enterprise

Historical & Real-time Data Analysis

AddTrack Enterprise is the ultimate solution for analysing of vehicle data. It is designed to handle analysis of large amount of historical and real time data with multi user capabilities.

Other capabilities as collecting and storing vehicle data, creating reports and analyzing with user-friendly and flexible graphical user interface. AddTrack support you with planning, prediction, quality, maintenance and warranty issues to achieve reliability growth of your fleet.

With AddTrack You Can

Renewable Energy

Environmental Awareness

Addiva-EEPAB Group

The group (AEGr) has a strong environmental awareness and want to expand and transform this profile into new business in the field of renewable energy together with our customers. This vision is realised through our advanced development and production skills in the enabling technologies of software and electronics. Furthermore, our high domain knowledge in the renewable energy technology areas such as, photovoltaics, battery technology, fuel cell technology, wind energy, biomass energy is high in some areas and excellent in others. This implies that you as a customer can expect a high-level discussion and understanding of your business and challenges with our senior solution architects and business developers. In conclusion, the AEGr offers a wide variety of services and solutions within the fields of renewable energy technology in general and smart energy optimization in particular.

Smart Energy Optimization

By smart energy optimization we mean customized solutions and services for both software and hardware, that are based on measurement, control, data visualization, data analysis and data management. Below is a selection of solution and services that we can offer:

Finally, the group comprises of a highly professional team to help you realizing your business ideas and increase your revenue streams in the abovementioned areas. Our staff is working in different engineering areas with respect to development and production, and with different skill sets, such as business innovators, solution architects, system architects, PhDs, energy technology, communication technology, production managers, production engineers, electronics designer, embedded system developers, software designers, fullstack developers, frontend developers, UX designers waiting to help you. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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