Imagine a place, where you can go with your idea to take it all the way to a serial produced embedded product or a software solution.

Imagine a creative environment where we in a partnership engages in discussions, brainstorming's and R&D to realise your vision.

That place exists in the form of our company group named Addiva-EEPAB Group. Our mission to be your partner and help you realise your idea in a cost-efficient way with a short time to market.

About us

The group was formed 2017 when Addiva, with its roots in software development and Eskilstuna Elektronik Partner with their electronics development and production plant, united in the aim to form the “one stop factory” able to get involved very early with our customers in the forming of new product ideas and take those idea concepts the whole way to serial production.

We believe that “Made in Sweden” stands for quality and close cooperation, we also aim to be a most inspiring workplace with an open and innovative culture of commitment & On top of that we have really good coffee and lots of fun!

Let us help you with your embedded development.

Let us realise your software and cloud solutions.

Do your manufacturing at EEPAB production in Eskilstuna.

Partner with our group

Let us help you take your idea all the way from the conceptual stage to development and then finally serial production.

The Addiva-EEPAB group is a strong believer in healthy partnerships that mutually benefits all parties.

Give us a call so we can talk about your idea & how we can help you make it a reality.