Addiva Electronics

Embedded Development

About us

Addiva Elektronik offers specialist expertise in electronics design and programming of embedded systems. In the area of communication and embedded power, we have cutting-edge expertise. We are happy to help already at the idea stage and bring your finished product all the way to serial production.

Mission Statement

LAB Facilities

Verification High-speed Design

High-speed measurement capabilities, currently up to 16GHz analog bandwidth (can be upgraded). Compliance suites and setups for Ethernet, DDR4 etc.  Complex high-speed protocol decoding suites. Or in other words we can verify most high-speed designs.

Verification Power Design

Power lab capabilities including high bandwidth probes for voltage and current measurements. Various loads and sources for both DC and AC.  Bode analyzer investment ongoing. Or in other words we can verify most power designs.

Soldering Capabilities

We have soldering capabilities needed for all common needs,  including a BGA repair station. The BGA repair station help us to mount or repair boards with components without legs not only BGAs.