Addiva info

On March 10th and 17th at 09-12:00, Aros IT-partner will come to Addiva to activate FIDO keys for all employees.

Every Thursday at 15:00, Addiva offers fika to all employees in the break room. Welcome to socialise with your colleagues.

In Sweden, the next red day or holiday is coming up soon to celebrate Easter. The holiday falls on Friday the 7th and Monday 10th of April, with means that you will have two days off.

We look forward to seeing the creativity and diversity!

In the future, our organization's next coming event will feature an exciting new voting process for after-work party activities and other similar events.

Employees will have the opportunity to suggest and vote for their favorite activities, which will be displayed in a word cloud on the right side of the screen. The size of each word in the cloud will represent the popularity of each suggestion, based on the number of votes it has received.